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IT Consulting


Our experienced consultants work with US-based clients and international business units, successfully identifying and implementing IT solutions for better business operations and a great ROI. With access to the latest technologies that run the gamut of IT solutions, CDS’ business analysts have a distinct advantage over product-based consultancies.

Our analysts evaluate each set of business practices and processes to identify areas for increased efficiencies, as well as growth and enhancements.

At that point, various solution options are presented to the client. Once the client selects a direction, the solution is developed, refined and tailored according to the specific needs, goals and budgetary constraints.

The net result: increased profits and labor efficiencies, reduced operating costs, decreased labor expenses, reduced capital expenditures and minimal need for external resources. Areas of consulting expertise include development and automation of business processes, data collection, storage, retrieval and distribution, and data and end-user interfaces.

Custom Software Development


CDS has worked with numerous clients across many markets to develop software systems for their specific business functions. Our process starts with a critical analysis of whether to “buy or build.” Many clients decide to buy a pre-packaged system (such as an ERP), then modify the software components to fit their specific business requirements as well as modify their business processes to fit the software limitations. Many others take the alternative route of building a tailor-fit solution that operates and functions specifically the way that they do business.

Software Customization and Middleware Development

For client's opting to purchase a pre-packaged system, quite often there are critical processes that end up unaddressed by the chosen "off-the-shelf" system. A number of clients have relied on CDS Group to leverage our extensive systems design/build experience to enhance these off-the-shelf systems and better meet their specific requirements.

At times, our clients require a solution to the problem created when two existing software and/or data systems are not designed to easily exchange data and/or "talk" to each other. In cases such as this, CDS Group leverages specific consultants who specialize in the design and development of "middleware," which is software that provides communication and data management within existing applications - a solution to the challenge of how to link these "best of breed" software applications for seamless business performance.

Custom Systems Development

When the solution calls for a custom system, our analysts and consultants work to build on proven technologies using mature development processes. During the entire custom development process, our client remains in control of direction and costing, with multiple mid-course opportunities to ensure that all outcomes are forged together.

Over the years, the team has specifically developed customer-centric, mission-critical solutions such as:

  • Custom, niche-focused ERP and line-of-business systems
  • Fully integrated end-to-end business operating systems
  • Specific business operation components
  • Mobility components, as well as full mobility ports of existing systems
  • Fully integrated point-of-sale, complete with upsell coaching, and instant coupon/rebate processing
  • Fully automated warehouse management, including directed put-away and next-generation smart bar coding system(s)
  • Inventory control systems that include 6-point merchandise analysis cube capabilities
  • Dispatch and scheduling systems that offer real-time, skills-based and location specific resourcing
  • Fully automated video capture and publishing system, supporting up to 16 video and audio feeds, automatic source selection, and a one-click video publishing system that incorporates real-time dynamic hyper-linked bookmarks.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we strive to achieve a single vendor solution where possible, and our expertise is unmatched in data-intensive system development. Whether delivered in a browser, online, mobile devices, or the Windows Desktop, CDS Group delivers a distinct technical skill-set that drives success. Technologies utilized include Visual Studio, Visual Basic, C#, C++, Delphi, ASP.NET, SQL, CSS, HTML, Flash and Silverlight.

Managed Services


For clients seeking to manage their overall IT Costs, or for those looking to outsource specific areas of their IT services costs, CDS Group offers a number of IT-oriented managed service solutions for their business. This transfer of management responsibility is a strategic method for improved efficiency. In short, it allows our clients to focus on what they do best, while CDS Group's experience in IT services and support provides a best-in-class IT support model at substantially reduced costs.

CDS Group offers several different levels of resources and financial commitments. In most cases, our managed service clients prefer to maintain a final level of oversight of the various systems under management while CDS Group provides the necessary technical and administrative resources to ensure the highest level of productivity. This allows our clients the benefit of shared resources without the negative results caused by traditional out-sourcing overseas.

Managed Services

  1. Ongoing IT consulting
  2. Software production, updates and maintenance
  3. Specialized and standard help-desk support
  4. Data management, backup and recovery
  5. Storage solutions
  6. Security, 24/7 technical monitoring
  7. Network management and monitoring
  8. User management, administration and training
  9. Overall and specialized systems management



We've been around for more than three decades and we’re proud of the fact that most of our client relationships span more than five years – with some partnerships reaching the twenty year mark. While our client base is diverse – our customers all have one thing in common: They count on CDS for dynamic, value-driven and leading-edge business alignment and software solutions.

  • AT&T

  • Backcountry Edge

  • Becton, Dickinson and Company

  • Beiter's

  • Bob's Furniture Mart

  • Boston Interiors

  • Brashears Furniture

  • CA Sleep Center

  • Cherry House Furniture Gallery

  • Chester County of Pennsylvania

  • Columbia Motor Parts

  • Comfy Mattress

  • Donaway Furniture

  • Flagger Force

  • Furniture Market

  • Great Gatherings

  • Historic Restoration

  • J&J Haimes

  • Johnny Janosik

  • Kirshman's

  • Kornmeyer's Home Smart

  • KPI Tactical

  • Lancaster County of Pennsylvania

  • Lancaster-Lebanon IU-13

  • Lehigh Country of Pennsylvania

  • MKC

  • Pennsylvania Association of Township Supervisors

  • Pinky's

  • Polycom Corporation

  • Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

  • Purcell Construction

  • Sofa Express and More

  • Spencer Furniture

  • Talsma

  • Washington County of Maryland

About Us


It all started in the early 1980s. The founders of Conestoga Data Services created a fully integrated ERP system for big-ticket retail stores. Back then (before PC's and Cell Phones) computers were big and bulky. This new software system was built on the IBM mid-range computing platform, and it was so effective in assisting some of the local retailers manage all of their business processes, that the company promoted the solution to other stores throughout the country. They found a very responsive market and CDS installed the retail solution in dozens of retail stores all over the USA. For most of these businesses, this was their very first computer system ever.

By 1995, the IBM Platform was giving way to PC's and the Internet. So the founders set out to find some folks with that kind of expertise, and merged with a company called Complete Solution Systems - which was a Microsoft Partner and focused on PC's and networking. The Internet was just emerging, with the advent of the browser and the World Wide Web. And CDS Group was already developing browser-based solutions for business.

The new company was a result of merging both the powerful IBM mid-range systems with the cost effective power and flexibility of PC's, then having them communicate across networks and the Internet.

They called the new company CDS Solutions Group, and the company has been building the top-tier integrated systems ever since.

Today, the CDS Group team is headquartered in historic Lancaster, PA, in the heart of downtown. As a top-tier information technology business partner, CDS is respected in the technology industry for  providing consulting, process engineering, custom software development, off-the-shelf software customization and innovative business solutions.

And while a lot has changed over three decades of service, our fundamental principle has remained consistent - to provide strategic technological leadership that ensures our business clients receive high impact results and an excellent return on investment.

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In many businesses, the things that make you different are the very things that make you better than your competition. Market leaders know how to leverage these differentiators to dominate their markets and maximize their ROI. Our experienced team specializes in enhancing the efficiencies, effectiveness and throughput of these differentiator processes – the pieces of your business that set you apart and create key competitive advantages. 

Contact CDS Group today and begin the process of discovery and analysis that will optimize your operations, improve your bottom line and aggressively position your company for growth. 

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